College Internships

Our partners offer college-level internships and summer employment for EXP alumni.


Career Services

EXP can help with resume writing, references and more.


Find Open Jobs

Employers love EXP graduates. We’re often the first place recruiters contact.


Stay Connected

Network with fellow alumni and stay in the know.

Our greatest success story starts with you.

That is why you can count on EXP to be there for you after graduation and beyond. The EXP Alumni Association enables you to stay connected with your EXP family and grow your professional network. We can give you access to exclusive benefits and remarkable support, so that you can continue to succeed.


Job Opportunities

The EXP Alumni Association can connect you with your future job and/or volunteer opportunity. Check our Facebook group for updates.



Explore scholarship opportunities to fund your college and career dreams. 

Job Interview Assistance

Receive one-on-one assistance to improve your resume and cover letter and prepare for interviews.


Dinners for Ten

Receive exclusive guidance from mentors and industry partners at private networking events.


Letters of Recommendation

The EXP Alumni Association can provide letters of recommendation to those who volunteer with EXP and our partners.


Alumni and Industry Mixers

Reunite, grow your network and meet potential mentors and employers.


Get involved today!

Gena Divine | Director of Advancement
(424) 368-7100 ext. 109