EXP internship fuels Michael's career passion

Michael, EXP alumnus Class of 2019 from Carson High School, was very nervous about his internship experience. He dreaded talking to adults and was still experiencing culture shock having coming to the U.S. a year earlier. He said the thought of giving presentations made his skin crawl.

But with EXP’s support, and encouragement from Michael’s teacher and school counselor, he showed up to the job-skills workshops and earned a summer internship placement.

And then Michael’s world changed.

“Being pushed out of my comfort zone helped me see that lots of successful adults went through the same things I’m going through,” said Michael.

“My internship helped me learn about accounting, finance and real estate. Now I’m hooked on pursuing finance as a career, and I have great software skills. I got an adrenaline rush from learning how to build my professional network and practicing business communication skills. When my senior year started in the fall, I signed up for a leadership program and to be a peer counselor. Now I have confidence!

“Thanks to EXP, I found mentors, gained work experience and received encouragement to apply for scholarships. This fall I’ll be entering the honors program at college. I want every kid at my school to have these opportunities.”

Watch Michael’s story:

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