Fernando Builds On His Entrepreneurial Dream

Fernando dreamed of running his own business but he didn’t know how to make his dream a reality. Through participation in EXP's mentorship program, “Industry Coaching,” he learned the building blocks of entrepreneurship at Narbonne High School. 

“I didn't know what I wanted to choose as a career until EXP exposed me to business and entrepreneurship,” he said.  Through EXP skills workshops like dressing for success and interview preparation, along with his summer internship at the Port of Los Angeles, Fernando gained the experience and confidence he needed to set on his path toward success.

“EXP helped me to get out of my comfort zone and learn to talk to professionals, and encouraged me to work hard for my goals,” said Fernando. "And I'll need that confidence in my future career.”

That confidence also shined through when Fernando gave a speech about his internship experience at the Internship Culmination Event in August 2018. He gave such a great impression that EXP invited him to be the co-host of the 2019 Oceans of Opportunity Dinner & Scholarship Celebration tag-teaming alongside popular TV personality Viviana Vigil.

“I felt very honored to be chosen as a student in high school! Not many people expect a high school senior to not feel nervous in front of hundreds of people,” said Fernando.

Being on stage in front of 700 VIPs taught him a valuable lesson. “I learned that I can accomplish anything I pursue and set my mind to do. By having confidence and knowing that I can do it; I can do anything!”

EXP_Oceans of Opportunity_2019_photogroaher Taso Papadakis_00205.jpg

“By having confidence and knowing that I can do it; I can do anything!”

- Fernando, on hosting EXP’s Oceans of Opportunity with TV personality Viviana Vigil


An EXP scholarship winner and now an EXP alumnus, class of 2019, Fernando sets his eyes on the future of becoming an automotive technician and a business owner as he plans to attend Universal Technical Institute this fall.

Support of EXP provides more students like Fernando the training he needs, but also sows a seed of philanthropy within our young graduate.

“This scholarship is an investment in my education, and I plan to pay it forward for generations of students to come,” said Fernando.

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