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“My mentors through EXP have given me the keys to hundreds of doors and now I'm inspired to make something of myself.”

-Ian, EXP Student, Carson High School ‘19


The EXPerience

Our programs gradually expose students to greater opportunities and more challenging experiences that prepare them for college, career and life.


9th Grade

Awareness & Exploration


10th Grade

Mentoring & Job Shadowing


11th Grade

Internships & Skill-building


12th Grade

Leadership, Entrepreneurship & Scholarships



Gap Year & Alumni Association


Scholarships, Internships, Networking & Career Counseling


Skills Development

Soft Skills Workshops, Workforce Development &


Professional Development

Alumni Network, Job Placement, Career Counseling & Apprenticeships

Helping schools and industry work together

We bring business into the classroom and education into the boardroom. By connecting these twin drivers of our society and helping them work together, we create brighter futures for our youth and stronger communities for all of us.

Partnering with schools and colleges

EXP works on campus with schools throughout Southern California. Our programs enhance career pathways, small learning communities, Linked Learning initiatives and other career-based educational programs. We served over 6,400 students in 11 high schools during the 2017-2018 academic year and look forward to expanding our work into K-8, college and beyond.

Unleashing the power of business to do good

We don’t just help students reach their full potential. We help businesses and industry unlock their potential, too. Their potential to do more for their communities. Their potential to shape and develop their future employees. Their potential to reignite their employees by giving them real opportunities to change a young person’s life.

Over 400 industry volunteers advise schools, mentor students and host interns through EXP. We invite you to join them.

Multiplying every student’s potential

Few 9th graders know what the world offers or what their potential truly is.

Without EXP, the students we serve might never get a chance to explore and experience the opportunities some high schoolers take for granted. Their success is proof that access, guidance and meaningful experience can help any student overcome major challenges and realize their dreams.

EXP Impact 2017-2018


6,400+ Students Served


265 Mentorships


135 Paid Internships

97% Graduation Rate

for EXP Interns


89% of EXP Grads Enroll in College


87% of EXP Grads Interested in High-growth Fields