EXP Announces 2019 Internship Program: Powered by Prologis

The innovative workforce development program connects 160 Southern California high school students with career exploration activities, workshops and paid summer internships.

Los Angeles, CA (October 2018) -- EXP, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization headquartered in Carson and operating throughout Southern California, announced an innovative workforce development partnership with Prologis Inc., the global leader in logistics real estate, at the kick-off event on September 13, 2018.

First launched in 2001, the EXP Internship Program is a year-long journey for 11th-grade students enrolled at EXP-supported schools throughout Southern California. The program aims to build their professional competence and personal confidence, setting them up for success in the workforce.

With Prologis as a new funding partner, the EXP Internship Program: Powered by Prologis includes job-readiness training workshops, industry mentoring and career exploration activities and will culminate in a six-week paid summer internship for 160 EXP students.

“The need for workers in logistics, transportation and fulfillment has intensified, with the growth of e-commerce magnifying the issue,” said Edward S. Nekritz, chief legal officer, Prologis. “By partnering with organizations like EXP and encouraging young people to pursue meaningful career paths in a high-growth industry like logistics, we believe we can make a positive impact on our customers and help local communities thrive.”

“Global trade, transportation and logistics are key economic drivers for the Southern California region. Through the EXP Internship Program, Prologis and EXP seek to connect students to the diverse career pathways that are available in or influenced by these sectors,” said Amy L. Grat, CEO, EXP. “Students get to explore career choices with hands-on training and nurture meaningful relationships with industry professionals that will unlock doors for future opportunities.”

About EXP

EXP helps young people gain experience, unlock doors and build the confidence they need to succeed in school, career and life. In 2017-18, over 400 industry volunteers helped EXP serve 6,400 high school students at 11 high schools in Los Angeles, Carson, Gardena, Harbor City, Long Beach, San Pedro, Wilmington and Barstow. By bringing schools and industry together, EXP is creating new ways of learning, knocking down barriers and bringing genuine opportunity to every student it can reach. Founded in 1999, EXP (formerly ITEP - International Trade Education Programs) is a Carson-based 501(c)(3) non-profit operating throughout Southern California.

For more information about EXP and for media queries, please contact:
Amy Grat, CEO
(424) 368-7100 ext. 103.