EXP Announces Summer Internship Program Placements

On Friday, June 14, EXP announced placements of 142 EXP interns with 70 companies and organizations in and around the LA Harbor area.  Combined with our intern students from the Barstow community, this is our largest summer intern program class to-date. Their first day of work is Monday, June 24.


 The EXP Internship Program: Powered by Prologis is a year-long journey for 11th-grade EXP students enrolled in high schools throughout Southern California. This program brings together employers, educators and parents to prepare high school students for tomorrow's workplace. By participating in the Internship Program, students build professional competence and personal confidence, setting them up for success in school, career and life.

Thanks in part to our EXP Partner Prologis for powering our internship program!

More about our internship program:

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