3 Reasons Why You Should Become an EXP Industry Coach

Coaching is not just for football! With just a monthly one-hour commitment you can share your career insights and help EXP students dream big! Here are three good reasons why you should become an EXP Industry Coach.

1. Hone Your Leadership Skills

Help EXP students explore new opportunities and guide them as they turn their dreams into solid plans for college and careers.

2. Serve Your Community

Expand students’ horizons and make a difference in your local community.

3. Change the Lives of Young People

Expose the next generation workforce to your industry and all the career possibilities.

Sign up by Friday, September 27 as an Industry Coach

Recruit your colleagues to join you, too!

For more information, please contact Martha Maciel Serratos , EXP Program Manager at martha@expfuture.org.


“My favorite part of the EXP Industry Coaching Program was working with the kids and teaching them new concepts, as well as getting them to think about new ideas and how to tap into their amazing potential.”

- Bob Smith, Watson Land Company

EXP Industry Coach Requirements

  • Desire to nurture and maintain a professional relationship with high school students

  • Must commit to attending and participating in all coaching sessions

  • Ready to motivate and mentor students by making school relevant to their lives and their academic and career goals

Participating schools

  • Barstow High School

  • Carson High School

  • Gardena High School

  • Nathaniel Narbonne High School (Harbor City)

  • Phineas Banning High School (Wilmington)

  • San Pedro High School.

Thanks to our Lead Partner:

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