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“Helping the students opened up my eyes to see what the future could look like for the next generation. I really enjoyed this experience.”

-Hector Romero, HSBC, Volunteer Interviewer for EXP’s Mock Interviews, Internship Program


Make a Difference

EXP makes it easy for your industry or company to make a difference in the communities where your employees live and work. Our programs provide a complete framework for working with schools and hosting interns. All the negotiations, bureaucracy and logistics are on us. We even train your people. All you have to do is share your time, expertise and, we hope, financial support. We do all the rest to expose students to greater opportunities and more challenging experiences that prepare them for college, career and life.

Your role as an EXP partner

Your employees will help teach EXP students soft skills, help them discover new opportunities and guide them as they turn their dreams into solid plans for college and careers.

Hosting internships
EXP students who excel earn paid summer internships with our partners. As a host, you’ll help highly-motivated young people master real-world skills, connect career goals with their work in school and take their first major steps toward a better future.

Advisory boards
Each school-based EXP program has an advisory board made up of educators, community members and industry representatives. Joining the teams that design in-school curriculum and job-based experiences builds strong bonds between your business, your employees and the communities in which you work.

Financial support
Our industry partners support EXP operations, student events and activities, paid internships and college scholarships.

EXP Industry Partners

Our students’ success is built on the generous financial support provided by our industry partners and the tireless dedication of their employees who donate time, expertise and passion to the young people we all serve. When you partner with EXP, you join a diverse network of Southern California industry leaders who are improving student performance and creating real opportunities for our young people.

What’s in it for you?

Demonstrate your dedication to the next generation and the future of your community. It's a win-win for your company and EXP students.

Build a better workforce
EXP reaches thousands of students each year by giving them experiences that make education more relevant to their futures and motivate them to succeed. 

Connect with your future employees
Students who complete internships and graduate from EXP-supported schools go on to do great things. Giving EXP students their first opportunities forges life-long bonds that pay dividends to your sector and even your own business. Our partners often hire EXP alumni. 

Energize your employees
Helping students—as mentors, advisors and intern hosts—gives your company a new sense of mission and purpose and your employees an opportunity to be part of something bigger that their jobs.

Establish strong community ties and a positive corporate image
Activate your corporate citizenship program by serving young people through EXP. Our programs are an excellent way to connect with the community where your employees live and work while making tangible impacts on local youth.